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Over 30 years experience in allocation of parental rights and parenting time matters.  Family is the most important thing.

In Colorado, child custody and visitation proceedings are called allocation of parental rights, decision making and parenting time actions.

These actions can be some of the most costly proceedings from both a financial and emotional stand point. If these matters proceed on a highly contested adversary basis it can result in legal and expert fees in the tens of thousands of dollars

If the parties are in disagreement regarding these matters the Court will often appoint a Child Family Investigator to meet with the parents, family members, employers, friends, medical providers, school teachers, and others to complete a written report and recommendation to the Court.

This report contains recommendations regarding how allocation of parental rights, decision making and parenting time should occur for the best interest of the children.

If this matter is contested it can be a highly contentious proceeding and it is important to have an attorney who is not only experienced in parental representation, but one who also understands the needs and interests of the child or children.  Court focus more on the best interest of the children than the desires or wishes of one parent.

An attorney who is skilled in this area can often make suggestions and recommendations that avoid costly and unnecessary litigation. The Denver and Aurora Courts favor mediation of these issues. Mutually agreeable decisions between the parents usually works a lot better than a court imposed order, and may avoid future years of repeated hearings attempting the change and modify the Court orders.

In choosing an attorney keep in mind that Russell Richardson 

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